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Welcome to DIY-HQ website!

About to do some much needed DIY at home and need help? Can't tell your flathead from your Phillips? You need people who know anything and everything about home improvement.

DIY HQ is exactly where you need to go. We're an independent DIY store based in the Greater Coventry area that have been helping people with every imaginable home improvement problem for over a decade now.

If you have a nagging problem at home or want to find out how to do something right, come to us, grab the right tools and let us dish out some invaluable advice that will make you handy with tools in no time at all.

It doesn't matter if you're simply putting up a shelf or about to lift up your living room floor, we have the knowledge to make it an easy process.

What's New

New DIY Store Opening | 22.05.2013
We are opening our second store in a few months in Greater Coventry. This is a great breakthrough for DIY-HQ. Our customers have helped us to growing and expanding. Thank you!
New garden products | 16.10.2012
Now you can buy everything for your garden. We are now selling seeds, flowers, and gardening equipment.